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Soccer Saturdays

Saturdays for us mean sports, whether it is baseball, soccer or karate or whatever. We wrapped up baseball last Saturday. Now, we just have our older soccer team. Hot Rod will start back with soccer in a few weeks.

These are the boys during halftime. I just love the varied expressions while they're waiting for Coach to talk to them.

Here, Coach is telling them about the things they did right and wrong.

Hot Rod likes to get in on the action.

I can't remember what he was telling them here. But, they're actually listening. Wild, huh? We won this game 3-0.

Gees, I make cute kids. Is she adorable or what?

Mmm, orange slice.


It was a blustery day in the 100 acre soccer park.

The kid in red played for us for several years before going select. He came back to watch us play. Pickle misses soccer occasionally, but the moments are fleeting and brief.

He's not a bad player, though.

Here is my evidence for Child Protective Services. I actually have a very nice pic of Pickle and Uzz, but this one was funnier.


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