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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



Who the hell fed Joseph Addai a giant helping of Wheaties this morning?

Jesus H. Christ.

The dude has had like three touchdowns all year. So, guess where he is on my fantasy football line up? Hell yeah, his cute little tight ass is warming my bench.

But, the dude has scored three TDs already and is running up the field like a fiend on speed.

And, to add insult to injury, John Madden and Al Michaels keep going on and fucking on about Addai and how he is tearing it up.

Then, my clever husband thinks it is really fucking hilarious to do a John Madden imitation.

AoD as John Madden: *in that ridiculous voice* Oh, Army of Mom in Denton, Texas, is cursing Al. Ha ha ha. Not cursing Al, but cursing, Al. Haha. She's cursing because she didn't play Addai and he is tearing it up. Ha ha ha.
AoD as AoD: Damn. 15 carries, 122 yards, three touchdowns and probably some receiving yards, too.
AoM: *shooting dirty looks at AoD* Fuck.

*deep sigh*

I'm going to bed. This is making my head hurt. Come on, Westbrook. Carry the damn ball into the end zone. I have him, too. But, wait ....

Woo fucking Hoo .... my main man finally passed the goddamned ball to Reggie Wayne. I have his ass in the starting line up!!!! Thank God. Something to finally smile about before I go to bed.


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