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How to get a man

I like the way this gal thinks.

Seek out and nab a geek and you have a man for life. One thing this gal fails to mention, though. If you seduce him appropriately, you will have him wrapped around your finger because - face it - most nerds don't get too much action. So, if you do it right, you can probably have him all to yourself.

I remember my high school sociology teacher telling me that geeks are the way to go. For one, she said, he wasn't highly sought after by other girls, so she safely had him nabbed. Secondly, they are usually smart and can make a lot of money. Third, they are very loyal since they don't have a wide circle of acquaintances.

I think she may have been on to something. Of course, I chose a hunky dude with a small geek strain. I think I got the best of both worlds. Now, if I can only get the hussies at bars to stop rubbing his head, we'll be in good shape.


  • At 1:20 PM, December 28, 2006, Blogger Uzz said…

    I think this is great advice since I am one of the biggest geeks on Earth...but I guess there is a distinction...I am proof that nerdy types don't make a lot of money!!! I am an arty geek, so I guess I am not as great a catch.i

  • At 6:23 PM, December 28, 2006, Blogger Mo K said…

    I'm lucky in that I married a geek who is also good in social situations. It helps if they are WW2 vets, but even so, he does very well! And true, my parents always adored him.
    However, at big parties where only I (or he) know the host/hostess, we do tend to hang out in a corner with each other. Birds of an introverted feather, y'know? :-)

  • At 1:45 AM, December 31, 2006, Blogger cashin said…

    Damn right geeks are the way to go! To bad no one ever said this to my highschool class. But what do they know, i'm loving life because of it!


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