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Redneck Christmas

We took the herd to Cabela's Saturday morning while on our way to my folks' house. My honey was going to be a lumberjack and then we were going to try and chop down a Christmas tree. While at Cabela's, we found Santa and Mrs. Claus. Although Little Bit is 4, she would have nothing to do with Santa unless Mrs. Claus was with her. It was really funny.

The picture the Santa folks took was cuter than the one I took. Stinkerbelle wouldn't get near Santa by herself, so the group was all I got of her. She did crack me up, though, wanting to wear the reindeer antlers.

I love my son with the giant shell pillow.

The other boy has his cartridge/ammo round pillow - of course he is aiming it at his mom. I swear, he is Stewie from The Family Guy.

Gotta love a man with power tools.

One of my dad's two kitties. He was sort of spooked by the saw and the children. Hot Rod was hitting golf balls into a net my dad put up. Then, he went on an egg hunt. Apparently, my dad's last two hens have taken to hiding their eggs, so daily he has go on a search. Hot Rod loved it, even though he only found one egg. Little Bit spent her time chastising her grandmother or the kitties. They like to play in a swing, which is very cute.

Not sure what Pickle was doing, but he was having fun waving this ball around on the string. I got to witness him rack himself once. I couldn't help but laugh because I had just warned him that he was going to hurt himself.

We left my folks' house and went to a tree farm, but they didn't have anything over six foot tall. So, the kids just ran around and enjoyed the little petting zoo and campfire. Little Bit dozed off on the way to the farm and slept through all the excitement. We wound up going to Lowe's and just getting a "yankee" (noble fir) Christmas tree. We usually get the Virginia Pines, since they can grow in Texas. So, this was a nice change of pace. It is about 8 or 9 feet, but it is beautiful even if it isn't one of our traditional 12-footers. What was kind of fun was that Pickle helped me string the lights and Hot Rod put the angel on the top. The two little kids helped me decorate and Little Bit helped me wrap a lot of gifts. She really loves it, like her mom.


  • At 9:05 AM, December 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How Christmasy

    Pickle always looks so happy these days

  • At 10:22 AM, December 14, 2006, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Hey Gadfly, for whatever reason, Pickle is happier now than he has been. I think he really enjoys middle school and getting a wee bit more freedom.

    And, Aimee, you can appreciate my hubby all you want. I think he's pretty hunky, personally. And, it all seemed pretty rednecky, I have to say. I didn't even post the pictures of my dad's chickens or the boys petting the calf. I may have to post a few more. They're pretty cute.

  • At 11:58 AM, December 14, 2006, Blogger Buggs said…

    The title Redneck Christmas was funny as I was looking through this car magazine and wanted to buy this El Camino : ) My Endo has this Jeff Foxworthy thing going on.

    The pics are cute and I like chickens ...I've even feed pig and goats in my time.


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