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Happy New Year

So, I'm just dragging today. Not really hungover, per se. I just drank enough to be really silly, flirty and loud. Army of Dad and I had a subdued ringing in of the new year at the Fox and the Hound in the arm pit of the Metroplex. But, it is near his friend's home. BA has been home for about a month or so and he leaves again for his next assignment this week in the DC area for the next year.

So, we just had a low-key evening. We hung out at the house a bit, then ate dinner at Bennigan's (not the shining star in that chain, I must say). Then, we hung out a bit again before heading to the Fox and the Hound. I played trivia and did pretty well even though I was competing against women with "no lives" *insert little TM here for the term I coined for them*. These women had the high scores for the day for every day in December. Swear to God. These same two women must do nothing but sit around and watching the History Channel, Discovery Channel and Lifetime. Oh yeah, they go to this bar and play trivia, too. I wanted to find them just to see what they looked like. Somehow, I don't envision them to be hot chicks. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Anyway. I played trivia and drank while the boys played darts. It was pretty fun, just low-key. Out of the 10 New Years' Eves that I have been with Army of Dad, we have rang in eight together. The first year we were dating was 12-31-97 to 1-1-98. He spent that one in Florida with his family. The next one we missed was 12-31-02. I spent that one with LabKat at my home sorting out my fat and maternity clothes. She had just broken up with a turd and could use the company and Little Bit had been sick and I didn't want to leave her with my parents or a sitter. So, I sent AoD to his friend's house (where we had planned to ring in the New Year) and LabKat and I watched movies and made fun of the idiots in NYC ringing in the new year. LabKat gave me suggestions on which clothes to toss and which to keep (as I had emptied the entire closet of their contents).

But, I digress. BA is only home about a month of each year, so his pantry and house are very much furnished in sparse bachelor pad styl;e (i.e. lots of sports memorabilia, beer souvenirs and calendars featuring chicks in bikinis.) I did find something I'd like to have in his pantry:

A big box of Peyton's O's would hit the spot for me. What do you think?

Here is my slightly intoxicated and very tired husband (note his squinty eyes, which he never does) and his buddy as we were getting ready to retire from ringing in the new year.

It was a great way to bring in the New Year.

Happy New Year. I hope it is prosperous and happy. I know we could use a re-do this year.


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