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Christmas morning

Christmas morning pictures are always fun. I made sure the kids were all wearing pajamas, so the pictures would be nice and clean.

Pickle had a Sonic the Hedgehog kind of Christmas.

Here is Hot Rod checking out his new Minnesota Twins calendar. He has a Vikings football on one side and a Vikings bear on the other. Turns out the Twins are in town ON his birthday. Can't beat that.

Little Bit got lots of Play-Doh for Christmas. It is one of her favorite things, along with markers and coloring books. She just posed like this on her own as soon as she opened it. I guess she knew I was going to snap a picture.

Here is Hot Rod with his mini marshmallow shooter and his alarm clock Rescue Pet.

Little Bit wanted a Mickey Mouse house, but I couldn't justify the expense when she has two dollhouses already. The talking Mickey and Minnie were her next best bet.

The biggest hit of the holiday was the marshmallow shooters. The boys were loving life with these things.

My daughter was trying to open everyone elses' gifts after she opened all hers. Here she is trying to open some of her Granny's and PaPa's gifts, too.

All in all, a great holiday. I got new undies, new perfume, some diamond bling, a LOTR calendar and more. I'm spoiled rotten. I even got some of that love I was wanting, too. :)


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