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Snow Day

Another day cooped up with the kiddos and they are stoked to have a snow day.

My eldest was home today, but he opted to stay inside and stay warm instead of freezing his keester off.

A new sport was invented: snowball tennis.

My neighbor's kids invented wagon-sledding-jousting. I'm sure the neighbor across the street was excited to have the kids jousting their mailbox, but at least it is brick. It is more likely to hurt the kid and the broom more than the mailbox.

Thankfully, my kids weren't asking to do this.

I got the fireplace started and now will bundle the kids up for Round 2 in the backyard. What normally takes Army of Dad 45 minutes to get to work took him almost two hours this morning. So, hopefully he will leave around lunchtime today. We won't get above freezing today, either.

I'm going to get cabin fever before too long.


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