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Newlywed game

This is sort of appropriate on my anniversary. On my cruise earlier this month, I went to the Carnival version of the Newlywed Game. They took someone who had been married on the cruise, someone who had been married about 25 years and the couple in attendance who had been married the longest (which was 52 years.) Then, they asked each partner the following questions:
1. When and where did you first meet? For us, it was Sam's. One of the finest honky-tonk cheapass country western bars with "loose women" in the fine town of Killeen. It was Friday, March 28, 1997.
2. Once you met and felt the sparks, what was the first kiss like on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being a dud and 10 being out of this world? It was definitely a 10 with goosebumps and everything.
3. What was the name of the groom's last girlfriend and what are two words you would use to describe her? Well, I didn't know his last girlfriend, but I knew she was some high school girl. So, I'd say Jane Doe and young and inexperienced for a description.
4. (this was on the ship, but we can apply it to today) Last night in the cabin, would you say it was like the Fourth of July with fireworks, like Halloween full of tricks and treats or like Memorial Day to honor the dead? Unfortunately, Monday night was like Memorial Day. Something about talking to the exterminator about $1,000 termite treatments and plowing into some old lady's car just didn't have me in the mood.
5. Men: You haven't seen ugly till you've seen my wife's ________. driving abilities
6. Women: What is your husband's worst habit? Men: What will she say is your worst habit? I would have to say it is his know-it-all attitude.
7. Women: When your hubby steps out of the shower, is he a stretch limousine, a dump truck or a VW with two flats? Limo all the way, baby.
8. If there was a parrot in the bedroom, what would be the first thing it would say? Get that Kleenex off my side of the bed.


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