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In the post for STUPID, there will be a picture of my neighbors. Under HELLIONS will be a picture of her children.

Swear to God, for the past 45 effin' minutes, I've heard the puttering engine of what I can only believe is supposed to be a lawnmower. (it is a pitiful excuse of a lawnmower, but I digress.) With the windows open because of the beautiful weather, I have heard this thing constantly whining, whirring and sounding as if every putter is its last one.

I finally go look out the window and the hellions are pushing the damn thing back and forth in the same corner of the back yard. Over and effin' over again.

Ok, if I can figure out that the dumbasses are not actually mowing, but simply polluting the environment with the filth that likely comes from its exhaust as well as the noise pollution, then I would think their stupid crack whore mom (swear to God, she looks like one) would be able to figure it out.

*scratching head* Hmm, Earl and Sammie don't seem to be makin' too much progress out there a mowin' the yard. Ya think maybe they're burnin' up the fuel and not actually mowin? Nahhh. Not mommy's little angels.

OHMIGOD! *smacking my palm on my forehead*

What I wouldn't give for a little human target practice right now. We're going on an hour of mowing the redneck weeds.


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