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I am mama, hear me roar!

Woo hoo. I love it when I can fix things. We are having a birthday party for Pickle tomorrow at the house. Therefore, I am frantically running around trying to get everything ready for the party. Our trampoline - which is a favorite among the children and their guests - had seven broken springs. Some were happening from age and wear and tear. Others were plucked off when Pickle realized if he jumped at them a certain way, they go boinging off into the yard. I'm sure it was great fun until his little brother told on him. Argh. So, now, knowing that several kids will be springing around on it, it needs to be repaired. So, I got upholstery thread and needles and a big old metal thimble and I fixed five of the seven. I need to head back to the hardware store to see if I can get some canvas and metal triangle thingees to repair the last two. I was pretty impressed I had as many pieces as I did for the repairs.

The two little ones helped me clean the back yard. We got to see all sorts of cool little creatures and some not so cool. We put the amdro out for the nasty little ants to eat and I stumbled upon a black widow under a bucket near my compost pile. She is dead now, too, as is her buddy the hornet, who had built a dirt nest on my back porch. A sweet little frog was happily scampering in the herb garden. I'm guessing the light watering I did probably helped with his happiness. But, I was very proud of the kids. They swept, raked, bagged up the gunk and pulled weeds.

Now, I'm off to the hardware store to buy some spraypaint and see if they have stuff for me to rig the trampoline for the last two parts that need to be repaired. Then, I'm off to the fabric store to see about something to recover our patio chairs (that is what the paint is for, too) they're wrought iron (I think) with a back and seat that need to be covered.

I still have to clean the bathrooms, pick up the family room and front room and clear out some clutter. ACK!

Enough blogging ... back to work. Oh yeah, I look great today *note the sarcasm* with my bandana over my head, an oversized shirt and shorts and my sneakers. Hold yourselves back, guys. I'm sure I smell good, too. *sigh* That bath tonight will be a great reward for a hard day's work!


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