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"You have failed me for the last time" - Darth Vader

Today was the last day for the Star Wars exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. LabKat and I managed to make our way over there because we are dorks when it comes to our sci fi. I was thrilled to ride in a make-shift hovercraft. Of course, it just goes in circles, so I was getting giddy from the dizziness.
This cool stormtrooper costume looked sort of scary on display. But, it was very cool.
LabKat is a Yoda kind of gal, but even she couldn't resist giving the Jedi master some bunny ears.
And, we all love Luke and R2D2. Th exhibit had some uber cool models out and this was one of them. It is sort of sad that these are among the last of those sorts of relics as CGI becomes more and more widespread.
Han Solo was a little dude, we determined from standing next to his costume.
R2D2 is so cute and we are such tourists taking pictures. Kenny Baker (the guy in the R2D2 costume) will be at the Sci Fi con next month. I need to get his autograph this time around.
And, of course, Luke's land cruiser. We had to giggle when we realized it said "Getting Around" right over our heads. Appropriate, I suppose. :) And, no, I'm not grabbing her butt in this picture. It just sort of looks like it. I hope Caption This never gets ahold of this picture. :) This must be my favorite outfit. I just realized I'm wearing this same outfit at the Anime Fest. Or maybe, it is just my favorite dork outfit for when I'm planning on geeking out.


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