Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Don't cha?

More hot chicks for the guys out there. Yeah, yeah. You're welcome. I do like this song, though. I've been informed that I need to relax the hormones a bit on the blog. I'm sure my inlaws, my ex and LabKat will be happy with that. :) I had two more compliment stoday that made me very happy. First off, my worst critic and biggest fan (my mother) told me I looked like I lost weight. I gotta like that, but I think it is the boots and slacks that I was wearing. It is a good outfit. Then, one of the security guards at the federal building where cracked me up. My minivan needs a new belt and is whistling. While he was checking my DL, I said that I couldn't sneak up on anyone with the car whistling. He smiled and said, well, of course its whistling. Looks who's driving the car and you'll know why its whistling. :) That was pretty clever. I shoulda slipped him a tip for that one. :)


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