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Hack, hack

Gees. Of all the times to break into a coughing fit, it has to occur while I'm on the phone with the CEO of a major Dallas museum. Lovely.

I'm sure she appreciated me hacking into her ear. She was very gracious about it, but still ....

I love it when I get stories that I'm excited to write about. Now, I'm working on one about the area's arts districts. This, I enjoy. My next story is on water conservation for farmers. Eh, that is still not bad. I enjoy 'green' stories. The one I'm putting off until the absolute last minute is the one about how creditors and bill collectors are now allowed to harass you on your cell phone. Yippee. I hate bill collectors. And, now, I'm writing all about them and FOR them. *shuddering* I think I need to go bathe now. *shaking off the willies*

Nah. It is a paycheck, so I'm going to write the best damn story about bill collectors and how this new tool will enable them to do their jobs more successfully. Was that believable? Yeah? I thought so. See? I'm a damn good writer.


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