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What a weekend

We had a busy weekend. I finally got a paycheck I've been waiting for, so I stocked up on the groceries. Man, did I buy groceries. I can barely fit in the pantry. But, that is good. I don't do that but once a month. The rest of the time, we just buy small things we need.

My daughter's new hairstyle is starting to grow on me a little. I've decided she looks like FC Dallas' Toja. It could be worse, I suppose. I would upload pictures, but my computer ate my Kodak software. *shrug* So, I still need to download it again.

We got our AC/furnace replaced on Friday. Thankfully. Things are much more comfortable in the house. A mere $5,775. *ouch*

Hot Rod kicked butt in his basketball game on Saturday. He scored eight points. That actually is two points higher than he had scored in all the games combined before that. Little Bit had a jump party to attend Saturday afternoon and loved that. We went to UNT's last home basketball game on Saturday night. Great game. It was sort of sad, though, for our seniors. We feel a bit of kinship watching them all season and some of these guys we've watched for two or three seasons.

Today, Hot Rod had his first oudoor soccer game in almost two years. He did ok. His poor team is just lacking. We haven't got any substitutes, so it is hard to handle. But, he did ok. Army of Dad reffed three men's games tonight. I had scheduled the games for him before we knew Hot Rod had an outdoor game this afternoon.

My good news is that Aunt Flo has been gone for two days. Hip hip hooray. Even better news: since I started working on improving my diet and exercising I've lost 15 pounds. Woo hoo. Bad news is that I've started having anxiety attacks again. Totally sucks.


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