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I can smell the vinegar

I am not sure how it started, but I think I blame Patrick Hughes for it. I dunno, a year or two ago, my husband and I began using the word DOUCHEBAG quite a bit. You cut me off in traffic; you're a douchebag. You throw a burning cigarette out into the field across the street from my house while driving by; you're a douchebag. You smoke, talk on the cell phone and eat a burger while driving erratically; you're a prime example of douchebaggery of the highest order.

From time to time, my husband doesn't even have to call someone a douchebag. He just looks over and asks me if I can smell the vinegar.

Anyway, I can remember as a kid seeing this weird thing in my mom's bathtub and wondering what the hell it was. I have no clue at what point I realized what it was and what my mom did with it. Gees, that is gross. What made women do that?

Yeah, there is a theme for the douchebag post. There really is. I went to vote early today. *sigh* After talking with LabKat last night and hearing her tales of the long lines, I thought waiting till March 4 is probably a bad idea. But, for the life of me, I have NEVER walked into a polling place wondering who I was going to vote for. Never. Until today. I walked in and looked at a sample ballot for the Republicans and for the Democrats. And, I just stood there. And stood there. Then, I finally made a decision. As I go to the electronic voting booth - we have choices of paper ballots or electronic here - I sat down with my code. Entered it. Then, fought back the bile and cast my vote for the primary election. I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Funny side note, the dude next to me is this giant nerd who is a vendor at all the dorkfest comic/sci-fi cons I attend. He kept smiling at me, so I know he recognized me, too. But, I've made the mistake of talking to this guy at the events and once he gets started, he never stops. So, I just smiled and didn't speak today. I've heard too many times the tales of how his mom died and left him her entire Barbie collection ad nauseum.

Nausea. That is a good word to describe this election year. Oh yeah, and douchebaggery of the highest order. I feel sorta like this.


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