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Wild boys

On Saturday, we had Hot Rod's birthday party at a local church rec center. Fun was had by all. These goofy boys just crack me up. There were a couple of others who were there, but they weren't quite as rough and tumble as this group of six. The boys played dodgeball for most of the party.
This was pretty funny. One of the kids who came wrote a letter to Hot Rod regaling him of the tale of his mom washing his shorts with chewing gum in the pocket and how when she pulled them out of the dryer, the gum was stretchy and gooey. He even illustrated the story, too.
This kiddo has been one of Hot Rod's best friends since kindergarten. It is fun to watch them grow over the years. He knew exactly what Hot Rod would like - an Xbox 360 baseball game. Batter up!
Then, we had the water gun fights outside. Sister enjoyed that, too.
Give me some more cake, or the birthday boy gets it! Just too funny catching them in this shot. Literally. :)


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