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Fantasy Football

Oooh, I got Big Ben on my team this year. I think I got the all punk-boy team with LT and El Dorado (that's TO to the rest of you). I guess it could be worse. I could have Chad "I'm a psychopath" Ocho Cinco (the artist formerly known as Johnson.)

Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB
Fargas, Justin OAK RB
Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB
Burleson, Nate SEA WR
Owens, Terrell DAL WR
Gonzalez, Tony KCC TE
Reed, Jeff PIT PK
Chargers, San Diego SDC Def

Let the games begin. I used to kick some serious ass in fantasy sports before I had three children. Now, I just sort of scrape by and hope I remember to put a line-up in. All is well until the week I face off with Army of Dad aka The Thumbmen.

Of course, he and I battle at everything we do. Probably not the greatest of things to do in a marriage. We had to stop playing miniature golf and Boggle (using the Nintendo 64 system was the last time I played a video game against him). Right now, both of our drivers are on the bubble in Nascar - his is Jeff Gordon and mine is Kasey Kahne. I get to hear about his damn Twins who can't seem to hold it together to win their division. Hello!?? I'm a Rangers fan. I don't ever remember baseball being important in September. Mike and Mike from ESPN each picked our two teams to win the Superbowl this year. The football player Mike picked the Cowboys. The little wussy Mike picked the Vikings. Ha. Maybe I have him on that one. Although he does have AD. Me? I'm a Romosexual, myself.

*sniff, sniff*

Yeah, I smell it baby. Pigskin. I loves me some NFL.


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