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I'm not sure why I do things sometimes, but I do. I finally shook off the soccer team manager's job. So, why not take on something else, right? Gees Louise. I volunteered for the environmental committee for the middle school PTA.

I'm really excited about this project. There are only a few of us on this newly created PTA committee. I volunteered to oversee the beautification of the front flower bed. I'm stoked. Native plants and easy to maintain designs.

What made me sad, though, was talking to some of the eighth-graders at the school. Did they care about the enviroment? Recycling? Living green? Not really. Was it a priority? Not really. What would make it a priority? If they could make money off of it. How sad is that? Those were the answers we got.

In my home, we live by the mantra of not wasting. Reduce, re-use and recycle. Those are a way of life for us. We had to get a bigger recycling bin from the city because we were overflowing every week. My kids get irritated when they see/hear recyclable items in our neighbors' trash bins. Ask them why it is important and they'll tell you that God wants us to take care of His world. I love that answer. It has been a priority for us to teach the children about our limited resources and how to protect them.

Growing up, we did all those things ... but not because we were living green. We were living cheap. We couldn't afford to waste. But, I grew up caring about the living things around us. I can remember crying when I'd see forest fires. It just broke my heart. Trash in the park or on the roads always made me mad. It seems that maybe some of this has to be taught by families. Schools are doing their best, but it has to start at home with moms and dads.

*shrug* I just get frustrated when people try to say that the folks who vote Republican (we don't consider ourselves Republicans, but conservatives) don't care about the environment. This is one household that does and tries to make a difference.


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