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Kids Today

Not sure what inspired me to pull out my Johnny Cash CD last night, but it was fired up in the minivan this morning when this song came on. (one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs, by the way) Hot Rod starts giggling and says "Did he say they're going to trash can?" Of course, then we had to change all the song lyrics. We listened to Ring of Fire (another fave) and he started making up lyrics about tires instead of fire. He is pretty clever.

But, we had this Jackson. Then, after walking the kids in, I saw a little fella standing the foyer of the school looking at a poster with something clearly missing. He looks like he is about to burst into tears. So, not seeing any parents around, I go over and try to help. I see he has a poster board full of pictures and captions with "Jackson's Firsts" written at the top. I remember this assignment as Hot Rod did it in the second grade, too.

AoM: Are you have a problem, bud?
Jackson: *nodding head and pointing to missing picture and then showing me the picture in his hand*
AoM: Oh. You just need some glue or tape and that will be fixed up no problem. Who's your teacher?
Jackson: Ms. S******.
AoM: *smiling* Well, you're in luck. I know Ms. S****** and I'll walk you there. *picking up his poster*
So, do you like to ride horses? *looking at his first horse ride picture*
Jackson: Yeah! *nodding head vigorously*

So, we get to Ms. S******'s room and I ask her for some tape, I put some tape on the back of the kid's picture and he puts it on the poster and smiles like his face is going to split open.

So, I've had two positive Jackson interactions this morning. Let's hope we have a third somewhere along the line. I could use some good news just about now.


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