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MILFs on Bourbon Street: Day One

These are probably the nicest of the pictures of us. We haven't discovered the wonderful world of Bourbon Street where you can find frozen banana dacquiris that taste like candy. Here we are at Canal and Bourbon just a few hours after our wonderful spa time. BFF gave me a pedicure and manicure for an early birthday gift. She rocks. A glass of champagne and some little Cuban lady rubbing my feet. Yeah, life is good.
Then, my pal on Bourbon. LOL. Not really. Her drink was frozen margarita.
I just liked the beads hanging off the stop light. Made me laugh.

Not sure what this building is, but I thought it was beautiful.

I loved the name of this place: Bourbon Cowboy. Good for a giggle. We watched some people try to ride the electronic bull.
The view of the French Quarter from the rooftop pool of the Hotel Monteleone, where we stayed. It was beautiful. I didn't take pictures of any of us working. Yuck. The work during the day was just the necessary evil to get the French Quarter in the evenings. I have to love a volunteer organization that transports me to fun new cities twice a year for business and pleasure.

The CoCo Club was our first destination for some cool blues music. We saw the wonderful Marva Wright. She was great and we really loved the music. This barker for the club was really cool. He especially loved BFF. But, he really was nice. He warned me about protecting my purse with all the people around, which I thought was considerate of him.

Here is the fabulous Marva Wright singing. We listened to the blues for a while. Ms. Wright was the one who said she was "built for comfort and not for speed." She even had BFF blushing as she talked about how she could rock her man's world better than any skinny woman. One foot in the east and one in the west, I believe was how she started one song. :)

Then, the glassy-eyed gals after a couple of drinks and several hours of music and dancing. We giggled our way the block back over to the hotel and stumbled our way into the room before laughing ourselves to sleep. It only got better from here. Trust me. I emailed pics to friends and they said "we loved the drunk pictures!" Army of Dad made some comment about me being blasted in a few shots and I'm wondering how they knew I was drunk? The best is BFF today. I called her to see how she was doing because we were some hurting puppies on the flight back last night. She said she was showing some videos to her kids and they could hear her giggling. (now her girls are 14 and 17). They said "Mom, were you and AoM drunk? Ohmigod! You were!" Aw gees.


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