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I'm a sub

So many guffaws to be had by my first day of substitute teaching.

First off, let me say that most fifth-grade boys are just tall enough to be eye-level with the *ahem* girls. And, suffice it to say that it was very disconcerting that despite my modest attire, apparently fifth grade boys notice those sorts of girls already. Gees. *shaking my head*

Let's see, what else is worthy of noting:
*One little guy loved me and wanted to hug me repeatedly. However, he refused to do any work and told me he'd rather take a zero on each paper despite my encouragement, pleas and threats.
*The smart kid in class (who reminded me an awful lot of Hot Rod) thought that I might buy that there were no dictionaries in the classroom. Uh, ok, dude. Not even.
*One kid kept falling asleep in class and then spent from lunchtime till the end of the day either in the bathroom or nurse's lounge.
*and the final coup de gras of the day was when one little girl tried to pull the fire alarm on the way to recess. Good Lord. I almost took the Lord's name in vain in front of the kids when I said "Jees ... louise, guys!" Whew. Fortunately, it was some little alarm for the cover of the actual fire alarm. Thank goodness!

On Thursday, I'll sub at one of the high schools for social studies. Gees, it has been forever since I minored in sociology at Baylor. I guess I can wing it. It will just suck that all my students will be taller than me.

But, the best part of all of this is that the school district's substitute teacher site is called SubFinder. *ROFLMAO* I would prefer to look in DomFinder. *snickering* As LabKat would say, hide your teenage sons. :) However, I promise I won't go all Mary Kay LeTourneau. I prefer men over boys.


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