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2009: A New Year of Resolutions to Break

Well, I try every year to accomplish something new. I don't think I've lived up to a New Year's Resolution since before my children were born.

But, I have a few specific ones and some vague ones, as well.

The TO-DO list:
1. Start a work-out regimen to build my strength and get fit. (if I lose weight, too, then that is a perk. My goal is to get stronger.)
2. Praying to start and end each day. This may be a hard one for me as I get pre-occupied and forget.
3. Dedicate 15-30 minutes a day to writing my books(s).

The vague list:
1. Portion control and will power. (stop laughing Army of Dad)
2. Get more organized. (stop laughing Army of Dad)
3. Being a better listener. (stop laughing Army of Dad)
4. Continue being a good steward of our finances and pay off some bills. (stop laughing Army of Dad) I would like to re-build our savings.
5. Cutting back on the cursing. (stop laughing Army of Dad)

All of this, though, seems so trivial when I watch Kelly battle leukemia. She may be my compass throughout these goals. I'll make myself a bracelet: WWKD? Because she doesn't give up. She's my heroine.


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