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She's a young cowhand

Little Bit's kindergarten class at school, along with the other kindergarten classes, are having a "rodeo" today to follow their Texas theme of studies. When I subbed last week across the hall, I read the kids a book about an armadillo from Amarillo and another ABC Texas book. Very fun stuff there, I have to say. Being the proud Texan that I am, this stuff warms my heart (which is big like everything in Texas). So, last night, Little Bit comes to me and says she needs to dress like a cowgirl. Well, heck there little missy, yore ol' mama dudn't have much in the way of cowgirl clothing for the young'uns. I tried my best to think of what we could do. I knew she had a bandanna from a railroad costume for a performance, so we got that and she had a Texas-themed shirt she got in some hand-me-downs. So, we pulled that out. And, mom's Cancun hat would have to do for the Cowgirl hat.
So, she got all perttied up and hopped on her trusted steed this morning and requested that I snap a picture or two or maybe three. I'm thinking blackmail when she's 13.
And, this little pertty girl, too, at school. What? I had to take some pictures at school, too, since I won't be at the official rodeo event. Would you believe this little darlin is the same age as my baby girl? No kidding. My daughter is petite, but this little cutie is the tallest kid in class. She's bright in addition to being cute. Well, thar ya go pardners. A taste of Texas cutie. I got in the mood, too, and put on a Lyle Lovett concert shirt my FIL gave us. ON the front is a desert scene and it reads "That's right, you're not from Texas."


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