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Snape is Still Alive

Well, our little snake is still alive and he seems to be OK with me jacking with him now and then. We think he is a rough or smooth earth snake. Not sure. Anyone know by looking at him? But, here he is chilling while I was making his little home more homey. I got him some nice composty-type soil, some leaves and sticks, a little bowl of water and then we got him some worms. He ate them, so today we caught a little centipede to put in there for him. I'll need to find him some more tasty treats tomorrow.
This is little home for now. If he survives another day or two, I'll go check the thrift stores to see if I can find him an aquarium or something to live in. I just hated to spend the money if he was going to die, but he seems to be doing well living on his little hors d'oeuvre tray.


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