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Skeeter food

Is it just me with my mind in the gutter or do other people snicker silently (or guffaw loudly depending upon my mood and company) when they're watching cooking shows or sporting events?

The commentary. I mean, the most sexual of all games has to be golf. Listen to the commentators during the next PGA event on TV. Trust me, you'll be laughing till there are tears in your eyes. Football does it, too. But, what caught me off guard was listening to Iron Chef America. Alton Brown's commentary gets me all hot and bothered. *shrug* Ok, maybe I'm just easily amused.

Well, I'm not sure what brought that on. I was going to write about finishing part of my garden. I got all ADD and moved from expanding the garden around the peach tree and moved on to the little garden we wanted to do around the mailbox with some edging paver stone thingees that we removed from a little garden when I did the last expansion. I think it looks pretty good. I didn't finish it till after dark, so no photos. I may take some tomorrow and post. I was mosquito food for a large part of the evening. Yuck.

And, lastly, I have had this weird rash on my hands that started last week. I got an appointment for the dermatologist today and was diagnosed with stress-induced eczema. It is the weirdest thing. Just a strange little rash on my hands. Nothing that anyone, but me, notices. *shrug* The doctor prescribed relaxation and then she laughed and said, Ok, seriously ... little tips she gave me and some Clobetasol cream. Unfortunately, she said this is probably something that will come and go from here on out when I get uber-stressed. Great. At least my eye stopped twitching, I guess.


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