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The Naked Writer

I have an acquaintance who wrote a book of a similar name. :)

But, for a few moments this morning, I absolutely love what I do for a living. I had just stepped out of the tub, dried off with my robe and proceeded to do my phone interview (in the buff) of a gal who owns a bakery in Houston. I had to laugh because I know she was working from home, too, and wondering if she was in her PJs or what.

Then, while flipping the digital music choice stations to find some background music, I flipped past "Puff the Magic Dragon" before hitting "Can't Touch This" which led me to do the hammer dance. Then, I finally found Ida Maria's "I like you so much better when you're naked."

That made me laugh.

Of course, I love my job until moments like right now when I have to write about commercial real estate capital markets. *ptooey*


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