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Mmm, tasty bugs

One of the very cool events we attended was one focused on Edible Bugs. The park interpreter talked about how bugs are processed in our food routinely. He talked about "safe" levels of rat hair, insects and excrement that makes its way into foods. Then, he brought out some candy-looking boxes of cooked and flavored mealworms and crickets. He gave each participant who ate a bug a button. We promised the kids that they could have T-shirts that proclaimed their bug-eating prowess if they did it. Mind you, these are children who turn up their nose at hamburgers and hot dogs, veggies and roast beef. If it isn't pasta or french fries, they'd rather not have it. So, getting them to try it was impressive to me. Here, Little Bit looks a little anxious about her BBQ-flavored mealworm.
Hot Rod doesn't look much happier, either.
But, the lure of a button, t-shirt and kudos were enough to encourage him.
My beloved husband - who sticks his tongue in my mouth - ate a mealworm and a cricket. Tasty.

Check out the proud look on Little Bit's face as she gets her button pinned on.


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