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Where the West Begins

A few weeks back, I managed to take the kids to see the latest Disney On Ice in Fort Worth and we all had a great time. These shows are very entertaining and I found myself singing along with most of the tunes, too. It was nice to get away with my mom and the kids without obligations to be anywhere but where we wanted to be.
Afterwards, we walked around downtown Fort Worth. It was a gorgeous day and nowhere to be. So, we wandered into the garden area in front of the Hilton and just enjoyed ourselves. I hope to stop being a bad blogger and catch up on so many things going on. I'm not sure that I'm holding anyone's interest much any more. I've discovered Facebook and have had a great time catching up with old friends there, that I've neglected the blog. Not to mention that I've just been so darn busy with deadlines and family things. Everyone is doing well. My poor MIL was laid off on my anniversary. *sigh* Just found out that the single mom who lives next door (and relies a lot on her child support) maybe out of luck financially as her ex was canned (and I don't he was laid off, so there may be no unemployment compensation either). A friend had a miscarriage and seems like lots of bad things happening to good people. Me? I'm doing ok other than some minor dental work that is a little painful and very expensive. I think I'd rather it be very painful and a little cheaper. No, never mind on that one. We discovered that Kia Sedonas don't hold their value and we're upside down on this bad boy. So, I'll be getting some expensive maintenance done so we can drive it till the wheels fall off (which hopefully won't be for another three or four years at the soonest.) I don't guess there is much else to say. Got lots of things to post about and pictures to put up. I'm pretty happy these days. Go figure. Makes blogging not as compelling when life is good, I suppose. I'm blessed in so many ways. I have a husband who loves me, wonderful children and a fabulous circle of extended friends and family. Not much more I could want. I mean, if I lost 30 pounds I'd be thrilled and if a big wad of cash fell in my lap I'd be ecstatic. But, short of that, life is good. I hope the same for each of you.


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