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Hackers in Blogger

Apparently, someone has hacked into Blogger and posted the stupid Eeyore thing on a bunch of blogs. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't have any sort of help feature where we can contact the administrators or IT folks to fix it either. There are help forums, etc. But, no way to send an email directly to the Blogger folks.


At least they didn't put something foul in there ...


  • At 6:12 PM, April 04, 2009, Blogger Chris Hughes said…

    Its not hackers, its a blogger problem.

    From Google:
    "Update: During routine testing, a bug caused a small number of FTP blogs to publish a test post. No systems or accounts were hacked. We have corrected the original bug, and are working to remove the test data from the blogs. In the meantime, republishing your FTP blog will also correct the problem. We apologize to those bloggers who were affected - we are looking at mechanisms to prevent similar occurrences in the future."

  • At 8:36 PM, April 04, 2009, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Thanks. I didn't get anything like that, so I had no idea ... made me a nervous wreck, though.

    And, just reminded me that I hate the fact that Blogger no longer has any kind of live or even an email forum for issues. *sigh*


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