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Uh, just clearing my throat

Last night, I had to trek across the Metroplex to attend a talk at Southern Methodist University for a couple of stories I'm writing. I knew that Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert would be doing the introduction of the speaker, so I wasn't surprised when I saw him walk in and sit next to me.

But, I was surprised when I was hearing these small sounds resembling someone blowing a raspberry. I looked over my shoulder thinking, gees, who would do that with the mayor right in front of them. Then, a few moments pass and I hear it again. Being a good mom, I have wonderful peripheral vision, so I am sort of watching now because I think the Mayor is doing it.

Swear to God. For the hour or so that he sat beside me, I think whenever he didn't agree with the speaker, he blew a small raspberry.

*shaking my head*

I'm hoping he was just battling a cold or something, but the thought of the mayor making those noses from a snotty nose is a bit disconcerting, as well.

So, now, I proclaim him the Mayor of Raspberryton.


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