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Busy Little Bee

Working this much can't be good for me. Seriously.

I had a big project that will pay very well, but had to be done by March 17. Worst part is that I didn't get started on the thing, in earnest, until Thursday. Yeah, procrastination is my middle name. Perhaps my first some days.

I'm not even sure where to start with all of this. I shipped off my baby girl to my folks on Saturday. I'll go pick her up tomorrow. So, I made the most of my weekend. This weekend, I spent picking up around the house and straightening up. Not cleaning, but just getting things halfway in order. I did around 15 loads of laundry this weekend. Part of the time was spent hunting down Pickle's socks (I noticed I wasn't washing too many and wondered if he was tossing them behind his bed or just wearing the same socks over and over - neither option was favorable). I did find about six pairs of dirty socks spread out around his room. Gathered up his laundry, Hot Rod's laundry and Little Bit's laundry. Straightened up the upstairs bathroom (nasty stuff, the men's restroom *shuddering*).

I finally put away all the Christmas decorations. Yes, on March 15. They had been stuck in the upstairs hallway since about Jan. 15 - we way outlasted the epiphany this year. I'm trying to say I was an extra-good Catholic, but it was more like an extra lazy mom. So, I got all that stuff put away. Went through Little Bit's room while she was gone this weekend and pulled out the baby toys to give away, sorted through her clothes and hand-me-downs. I realized I'm all out of hand-me-down shoes. I'll have to start buying them. *sigh* But, I found enough summer clothes, I think, so I shouldn't have to buy anything. Woo hoo. She is gross to be a girl. I had half a tall kitchen sack of trash from her room, too. Filled up a giant shopping bag to send a friend with a baby girl. We'll see how long her room stays organized.

Spent just a few minutes in Hot Rod's room and got his new valance up that he got for Christmas. *sigh* Now, I need to tackle his room and go through all his clothes to pull out the ones that are too little and see if he has any hand-me-downs that will work this year. He got in trouble today when his friend came over. Needless to say they had a rock-throwing contest that ended with a new neighbor from behind me coming over to meet me. *sigh* Divorced doctor who needed some sleep and not rocks hitting his house. My single-mom neighbor was intrigued when I mentioned the divorced doctor living behind her. :) So, maybe Hot Rod will be punished by having to try on all his clothes to see what fits. Bwwahahahahaaaa!

I even got some of the rose bush pruned today. Our fence should be replaced later this week, so it was either prune the rose bush or have it ripped up. Since it came from my granny's yard, I opted to prune it. Now, we have lots of leaves to bag and we're getting a new gate, so I need to dig up a bunch of irises and cannas to move. I'm going to expand a garden on the side of my house, so I think that is where the plants are going to be moved. And, this week may be the perfect time to do it.

I figure all this housework and yardwork will make up for me missing my gym time while the kids are home and I can't make it up to the rec center. We'll see about that.

Anyway. This (along with kid activities) is why I've been absent and why that may continue this week. Busy, busy, busy. No rest for the wicked. Don't even get me started on my sex dream about a Hispanic waiter, Bob Cratchett and Mr. Scrooge. *shaking my head* I'm a basket case.


  • At 2:08 PM, March 17, 2009, Blogger El Capitan said…

    Teenage boy & missing socks? Not to squick you out or anything, but check under the mattress. Socks make a handy jizzmop.

    --- A former teenager.


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