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Before and After

Here is the fence on Tuesday - complete with pieces falling off and missing pickets. I didn't realize how icky it looked until the old fence was down. Looked nice without the eye sore there. Then, the new fence. Wow.
Today's new fence. Looks so weird to me to see it all nice and new without missing pickets and landscape timbers propping up the collapsing fence. :) Now, I have to get back there and get the kids busy raking. Then, I need to get to work on the gardens. I got some new azaleas today that I plan to put in a corner of the yard. Some color would be nice. My garden around the side of the house is still in the works. It looks better than yesterday. I cracked up today. I didn't realize the dad was home next door. I was down on all fours putting with my back to the neighbor's house putting the weed guard sheet stuff in the garden and I hear "Looks good over there" from him. I had to laugh to myself because I'm wondering if he's talking about the view or the garden in progress. LOL. I'm sure it was the garden, but it was funny. I ought to get the garden done Friday. If not, I will finish it early next week. Little Bit wants to help put in some seeds and some annuals we got at Home Depot today (3 for a $1). So, I may dig the holes and let her plant them. Then, we can put down the mulch and be done with it for me. I can finish transplanting stuff next week, I suppose.


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