Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Well, duh

This stupid obvious article is titled: Kids Curb Marital Satisfaction or conversely titled: Kids: Harshing Mom's Groove for Years.

So, back to my blog post title: Well, duh.

Example A - Army of Dad puts on the music, gives me the eye, takes me by the hand after taking me out for dinner. He's leading me seductively toward the bedroom. Then ... as I'm walking toward my nightstand to put away my glasses ... I trip over ... you guessed it - one of the children.

Yep, asleep in my floor.

And, yep, buzz killed completely for mom. No nookie for you. So, what was the name of that article? Kids Curb Marital Satisfaction. In this instance, he did so in a big major way.



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