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Greetings (three weeks late) from Arkansas

Ok, I should be working since I have several deadlines Monday, so what am I doing? Yep, blogging. I've been meaning to post these since we got back on March 22. This was me and Little Bit on a hike.
This is a luna moth. Very neat. It is really big, too, and looks like a leaf up close. It had landed on some kid's shirt and just flew off to this pine tree after lots of people were messing with it.
We went on a sunset hike and Little Bit found these pine cones. She was very proud. The highlights of this trip included the free activities led by park interpreters.
Little Bit and Hot Rod by the lake.
And, by the visitor center at the dam.
Hot Rod looks like he is really surveying that snake skin.
And, on a short hike between activities.
A little creek ran behind the ampitheater area where the events mostly occurred. Made a great learning moment. That was the neatest thing about the trip - all the educational opportunities that were fun and so beautiful. I'm not much of an outdoors kind of person, but this was incredible. We have to go back. I got more pics to share. I know, lucky you, you're thinking.


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