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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Well, Hot Rod's little A's team is currently in second place after 3 to 5 games have been played by most of the teams. His team is 3-1. Two of the wins, they run-ruled the other team. The one loss was to the first place team 7-4. Hot Rod made a great stop at second base only to have the first baseman drop the good throw. *shrug* It happens. Then, he got this throw in from the centerfielder, but, alas, the runner was already on the base. Good idea to tag, just in case, I think. :)
Finally, the boy got a bonafide hit in his third game. What you can't see in the video is that there was a player on second and Hot Rod hit the ball down the third-side base line. I think it would have been a hit anyway, but it confused the third baseman when the runner arrived at the base about the same time as the ball was getting there. He couldn't field it cleanly and get a tag on that kid in time and Hot Rod saw him fumbling and not paying attention, so he took off to second. The throw came, but was bad, so he got up and ran to third. You get to hear me utter a curse word during all of this, too. :) Hot Rod is not a pull hitter at all, but the Rockies pitchers were pretty accurate, just didn't have a lot of pepper on the ball. So, for him to pull it down the line was pretty interesting. He usually goes opposite field. He didn't get to bat again before the game ended because the batter ahead of him - who has struggled at the plate mightily - hit an inside-the-park three-run homer! So, in typical Hot Rod fashion, he was left on deck.
This is Hot Rod at second during the first inning.
And, this coach has been coaching in our league for about two years. he always wears the knee socks up real high and the gigantic shorts that remind me of culottes. Last year, he tried to pick a fight with our coach after a game. Well, technically, the wife of the big-shorted coach tried to pick a fight and then this guy stepped in. If you knew our coach from last year, it is comical that they would do that. He's an old grandpa kind of guy and really a good guy. We've been lucky to get good guys for coaches.
This was the post-game talk. The head coach, the one next to Army of Dad, had a smile that was a mile-wide when the game was over.


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