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Rocky vs. Mucky

Little Bit has proclaimed that she'd like to be the rock-climbing, geologist, doctor Easter Bunny when she grows up. So, with all that in mind, she was in heaven when we went to the marina at DeGray State Park and she found this giant stack of rocks to climb.
She even found one that was shaped like a chair and plopped down happily.
She was only slightly disappointed when I told her that we couldn't have it!
We had such pretty weather for our visit. Hot Rod and Army of Dad used big nets to scrape the bottom of the lake to examine the muck and look for different kinds of life. Apparently, there are a variety of things that indicate a healthy lake. So, they were looking for those signs.
He found one - a snail.
Little Bit did it for a few minutes before discovering the rocks. Then, nothing could tear her away.
The park interpreter who led the Edible Bugs class led this class also.
Hot Rod found a minnow as well as a beetle and a few other things, too, I think. The fish and shrimp were going to be food for a small gator the park has in an aquarium.

Here, the park intepreter gets his hands dirty.

Army of Dad got his hands dirty, too. I was more than happy to sit back in the shade, take pictures and watch Little Bit climb the rocks.


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