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Pervy Klingons, Speed Racer and Fat Cats, Oh My!

Today I took Pickle to a dork fest (sci fi/comic con) in Richardson and we had a good time. There weren't too many celebrities or artists there that he or I were keen on seeing. There was a secondary character from Serenity on there, but no one I HAD to drop money on. Pickle dressed up like Speed Racer and made a dream find for his money. He found these movie theater cardboard stand-ups and bargained his way into their acquisition for a mere $10. These things are huge, so he has to decide what is coming down off his walls for these to replace.
Then, there was the pervy Klingon. *shaking my head* I thought he was going to act like he was assaulting me for the picture. So, I made the appropriate face. Then, he says, "The picture is going to look like something its not." To my puzzled expression he replied "Look down." And, to my amazement, it looked like he was copping a feel. I just shook my head and he started laughing. I'm thinking, great, my 14-year-old is snapping this picture and his little girl is holding his bat'leth in the backgound. Nice.
Then, the scary cat lady saying hi to a baby in a stroller. *I CAN HAZ EYE BLEACH* There are some outfits and some people just shouldn't wear. Her honey was the dude in the bright blue shirt to her left. Um, yeah. There weren't too many people in costumes around. There was a little girl dressed as Princess Leia and a 40ish gal who looked very World of Warcraft. She was hot, but I think Pickle was way too embarrassed to get a pic with her. I thought about asking for one, but after the pervy Klingon, I wasn't sure what may happen with that. LOL. Fun was had by all.


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