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Happy Earth Day

A couple of weeks ago, our city hosted its annual Red Bud Festival, which is a wonderful event focused on plants and recycling. Contrary to what some people may think, there are those of us who are conservatives who *saying in a whisper* care about the environment. I suppose you could say we're treehuggers. Literally, from Hot Rod's point of view.
My kids kicked ass at the Recycling Race because they know what to recycle because we *gasp* actually do it. We even had to request a larger recycling bin from the city because we kept overflowing the recycling bin while our trash can usually isn't full. So, the kids did great with picking through a basket to pick out the recycling items.
Our city even has a recycling mascot and look at Little Bit's smile!
She made a birdfeeder out of a milk carton, too, which was great fun for her. We have it hanging in one of our new gardens. Now, I need to get some birdseed to replenish it, too.
And, what Earth Day post would be complete without some hippies. LOL. This daddy reminded me of a miniature Hagrid. I wish I would have had one of those slings when I had my kids. They weren't as widely available back in the day.
And, funnel cakes. Hot Rod was in heaven with a funnel cake. Little Bit got to try her first Italian Ice. That was pretty tasty.


  • At 2:05 PM, May 05, 2009, Anonymous soz said…

    well i declare, that looks like denton, tx. how odd that i would wind up on your site after reading wil wheaton's, then searching for pics of him. small world.


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