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Green Thumb

For years, I couldn't even grow a cactus in a pot without killing it. Then, miraculously, I developed a green thumb. I think I just assumed that is what you did when you bought a house -worked in the yard. My parents have always had beautiful yards. So, I try. We can't get grass to grow worth a flip. But, my gardens are wonderful. This is the expanded version of a side garden I put in the first year or so after we moved in. For whatever reason, we couldn't get grass to grow under the oak tree. So, we decided to expand the garden to create some green features. Most of what I used were plants I already had in pots as well as irises I spread from other gardens. We bought the marigolds for color.
This flower - we believe it is a morning glory - was grown in a pot by Little Bit from a seed. When the vine started climbing on my porch swing I went to the dollar store and bought a small trellis and it now climbs and winds around it nicely. It is really pretty and she is very proud of her work.

Here, you can see the whole trellis and the vine on the porch. I have thought about moving it to the garden, but it is growing so well, I hate to mess with it.


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