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Ok, either I'm pregnant (which is highly unlikely considering my tubes have been tied since 1999) or I've got the worst case of constipated bloating evah. The mail is moving a little, but not to the degree that it should be delivered. I need to talk to the postal service again. They've been using all the traditional efforts including bran flakes (which two of the local grocery stores don't carry anymore, so I had to buy generic Raisin Bran and pick the raisins out). *sigh* Yes, I know the raisins would actually be beneficial, but, ick. Didn't you read what I wrote? They're r.a.i.s.i.n.s.

And, for the second time in four days, I have forgotten to put on my wedding band before leaving the house. While I don't think this is me insinuating anything toward my husband, it could be that he is hiding the band because I'm blogging about my bowel movements again. But, I'm not alone. El Capitan does it, too. Now, mind you, maybe what I need to do is follow his diet of four beef & bean burritos and three soft tacos washed down with three pints of Blue Bell ice cream. I'm thinking if that didn't get the mail moving, nothing would.

Lastly, a few more things:
*a local Realtor volunteered to help me contest my tax appraisal issues.
*kids are out of school on Thursday afternoon, help me God.
*will write for food
*Army of Dad turns 33 a week from Wednesday
*went to the Crowne Plaza Invititational at Colonial (PGA tourney) on Saturday and the kids got Steve Marino's and Woody Austin's autographs. I'd love to have pictures of it, but they wouldn't let me take a camera or my cell phone (with camera in it). I had the shakes all day.
*SPF 50 sunscreen works wonders


  • At 5:37 AM, June 02, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Raisins aren't so bad! They're just grapes that are senior citizens. :0)

  • At 7:19 PM, June 02, 2009, Blogger Submariner said…

    With that bias against dried grapes, I guess they'll never convince you to turn Muslin, eh Mom? Tell AoD congrats from me for surviving a third of a century. As to the other main topic? Fried Italian sausage, onions and peppers always does the trick for my family. And beer. Copious quantities of beer. Enough beer and you really don't care if the other works anyways.


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