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Pretty in Plaid

On May 11, my next door neighbor and I drove to Dallas for a book signing and reading by one of my favorite bitchy girl authors, Jen Lancaster. Well, her book is about when she was a kid in the 80s and she encouraged those of us in attendance to dress up 80s. Uh, no. But, these ladies in line behind me did, so I thought it was cute and took a picture.
Well, we got lost due to my GPS and its failure to have a sense of direction. So, we got there late instead of 30 minutes early. *sigh* Anyway. This put us wayyyyy back in the queue. So, we had roughly 2.5 hours of waiting time. So, we had to find some way to pass it. My solution was to jazz up the required school reading with superhotsex. Unfortunately, the Barnes and Noble employee laughed, but then moved it. I did run a lot of recon missions to see how far the line had moved. The gals behind me made a Starbuck's run, too.
Finally, we got there. Jen signed my book while she was looking all kind of 80s preppy.
Then, we finally got our chance. And, OHMIGOD, I need to suck in my tummy when I lean over and I'm so trashing that Izod polo shirt. Not a good look for the Army of Momster. Ick. Of course, Jen has the perfect smile and my next door neighbor looks adorable. *sigh* Maybe I'll tape this picture to the fridge and in my car so I'm more inspired to hit the gym and not Braum's or Dairy Queen. It would seem that my joke about what she should write to me is more true than I realized when I said it. Ick. I may have to self-destruct this blog post. But, regardless of my chubby picture, it was fun and now I'm about to Chapter 3 of the book. I had to finish Mr. Darcy's Diary, which I liked by the way.


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