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Dodging the bullet

Well today was a mixed bag of emotions.

I subbed for my daughter's kindergarten class. My experiences today were loads of fun. For one, I caught a child trying to pour glue in a buddy's ear. *shaking my head* Then, another girl would just ignore me telling her no or to stop, so I finally had this exchange with her:

Me: What does your mom do when she tells you no and you don't listen?
Child: She doesn't tell me no.
Me: Well, that explains it.
Child: Blank expression. (she has these often)

It breaks my heart to see how some of these kids receive no guidance, help or discipline at home. Really, really sad.

I came home from school to check my emails and voicemails for work messages and check to see if any paychecks have arrived in the mailbox. I saw several emails from the executive editor at one of my steady writing gigs (one I've had since October 2005). She was sending emails out to all the freelancers at the pub and requesting we schedule a conference call.

Ruh-roh Raggy.

Never a good sign. Last time she did that was in October when they did mass layoffs at the magazine and reduced their freelance stable of writers to just a mere three of us left. I survived that round. Would I be so lucky today?

My anxiety level ramped up and tears filled my eyes. What was I going to do if this source of income dried up? There wouldnt' be too many subbing opportunities over the summer. *sigh* So, the editor called me and she had that voice that I recognized from the last round of layoffs.

Conference call scheduled for a mere 10 minutes later. I texted Army of Dad to warn him of the worst. The call happens and I learn that the magazine has now laid off everyone in editorial except the executive editor and the online editor, to whom I report. Everyone else is gone. Except they saved the freelance crew of three. *whew* But, that means that the other editor I work for is gone. Tears welled up in my eyes. It was hard to feel good about keeping my pay when I knew she was going to be losing hers. I know she has a little girl that is 3. I'm not sure if she's married or what. We only talk online and on the phone occasionally. But, regardless, now she'll be among the unemployed in six weeks.

I found out I may even be able to pick up some more work, too. I'll take it right now. *shrug*


  • At 9:54 AM, May 21, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Two responses to the two parts.

    You are not alone in seeing how todays parents are slacking.
    My wife teaches Kinder and Pre K at a private school. These kids are allowed to wear whatever they want PERIOD. and the a few kids each year have parents that care SOOOOOOO much, that the luch each day is cold McNuggets obviously purchaased the day before!!!!!.
    Discipline (or the lack thereof) is a major problem, and disrupts the classroom environment to an unbelieveable level many times.
    I will end my rant there, but suffice to say that you are not alone.
    (I just worry when I realise that these kids will be running this country when I am retired)


  • At 9:58 AM, May 21, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Second part for the second part of your post.

    I feel your pain with the guilt factor.

    My companies business has remained steady through the economic slowdown, and while I feel relief that my family remains cared for and stable, I feel a little guilt since we are in the helicopter EMS industry.
    Yes, our business remains steady because people are being flown out from accident scenes and other malor traumas.
    I console myself by realising that if we went under, it would leave communities across the US without means to save those lives on a daily basis.



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