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Cracker Jack

Not that I'm a proud momma or anything. But, my Hot Rod is a helluva baseball player. Here he is stealing third base.
And, making a put-out at first base. Took the coach a while to try him out there and now he plays first base more than any other boy. He made a couple of outstanding plays there the other night.
And, stealing second.
The Fab Four coaches. Of course, I photographed my husband from behind. I kinda like dat ass. :)
And, Coach Cute Butt talking to the boy during a pitcher change. Not sure what advice he was giving, but his charge looks like he's listening.
And, in the beginning of what was a killer stretch at first base to make the out. He had two where he was almost doing the splits for the outs in this game.
And, pitching. He hasn't had great defensive support when he's pitched and he gets a bit wild when he gets distracted.
I love the look of the base coach along with Hot Rod. They both look pretty intense there. We have a game tonight. We're in first place with four games left. The team we play was in first place till we bumped 'em down to second. So, we figure we're pretty much playing for first tonight.


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