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Picture Day

Windy days have made Texas the allergy HQ of North America, I think. But, sweet windblown Little Bit makes it look good. If only I looked that good with windblown hair.
Something you would never see little girls doing - especially right before pictures: seeing who had the biggest double chin. *shaking my head* Yeah, for real. The sweet little boy to Hot Rod's left (with his arms crossed) lost his grandpa Friday. I was so sad for him and his mom. I sat with this old fella for a few minutes at every game. He was a sweet old guy and I feel terribly for the family.
Then, let the flicking begin. Not sure what was going on here. The big kid flicking at Hot Rod is three months YOUNGER than Hot Rod. Yeah, go figure.
Bounce houses were at the fields during picture day, which made life a little nicer for Stinkerbelle. One was free and the other was 50 cents. So, free won out. Free fun is the best for moms on a budget!
And, pictures were funny. Hot Rod couldn't seem to figure out to slide his foot up where the guy was pointing.
But, I think he's gonna look adorable. He always does. :)
The team pic is lacking some as two of the four coaches and their two boys were missing. But, still, from my angle, looked pretty good.


  • At 3:47 PM, April 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "If only I looked that good with windblown hair."

    And who says you don't?


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