Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


You've heard of the naked chef, right?

Ahhh, its Memorial Day weekend. Nothing on our agenda today until Army of Dad goes to ref soccer games about 5ish. We went to bed early Friday night and woke up early this morning. He took the kids to go fishing. And, can you hear that? Me neither. My house is silent.

So, I'm going to relapse into my early 20s again and with that relapse comes the return of the Naked Housecleaner. I'm going to crank up some tunes and clean the house in the nude. For whatever reason, it has always seemed to make the job easier. It could be that before I had kids, I could be naked whenever I wanted to and now I just can't. Whenever they're grown and gone, I'm sure it will be way too scary for the old lady to be naked.

Till then, I'll take my 40-year-old body and dance around while changing sheets, doing laundry and washing dishes. Bwahahahahaha!


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