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Never piss off a writer

I've often wondered why people show such animosity to reporters. Ok, I take that back. I KNOW why they do it, but it isn't always a good idea. When we are the ones who form the news, we can change the angle of a story with just a few words. It isn't ethical, but it can be done.

After reading about this lawsuit, it is clear that the same is true for screenwriters. I ought to be aghast and offended, but I think it is pretty funny. I also don't think these people have a leg to stand on. Apparently, one of the CSI writers was done wrong in a real estate deal and she wrote in some real estate characters and gave them the first names of the people who did her wrong and even cast the characters to look like them. Ha. They're suing claiming it could hurt their business. Psshaw. I don't think so. I think it is a reach and I would be more worried about this lawsuit calling attention to their shady dealings with the writer.

Just remember to be nice to writers. :)


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