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Coach Cute Butt

This is one of the many ways that I know things are good. Even 12 years after being with Army of Dad, I still think he's just about the most handsome man on the planet. I have now named him Coach Cute Butt. We've had Coach Studboy in the past, but my honey has earned his name. The other day at the store, AoD went to the sporting goods department while I was looking for party decorations for Hot Rod's birthday and I spotted a cute boy. Very nice. Then, I spotted another one and upon craning my neck for a better view, guess what? It was my husband. :) Yep, even from afar, I admire his looks.
He is fun to watch during the game. Of course all of these coaches are. They're just big kids in the grand scheme of life.

I had to get a picture with the score in the back. Yep, the As shut down the Yankees big time. Hot Rod was able to come in to close it all out and they had three up and three down. He plunked the first batter then struck out the second. The kid he hit was thrown out at the plate after the catcher overthrew Hot Rod on the mound. The runner took off from third and the shortstop gunned the ball home for the play at the plate (which is the video coming up). And, our little bat girl has her own cheering section at the games. It is pretty cute.
I had to leave to drop Pickle off at karate, but fortunately, it was just across the street at the junior high. So, we stopped to get a picture of his mural in progress. His is the bottom part and his girlfriend is just above him. No smart remarks, please. LOL

And, Hot Rod shutting it all down. All in all a great birthday for the boy.


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