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What happened to Baby Bop?

Today was a reception for my best friend's daughter. This child (ok, she's 18) graduated from high school last night. Graduated. Seriously now. I have friends who are grandparents and have children starting college. I feel so completely old. I remember when this young lady carried around a plush Barney and Baby Bop everywhere she went.
Apparently, she has a thing where she licks people. I think it is a long story having to do with her pretend husband in some sort of home economics pretend wedding doing it to her, but it was funny to watch her mom cringe at the thought of the licking that was to come.
But, then she came through and just gave mom a kiss.
My sweet Little Bit found a big old frog to torment, uh, I mean play with. The kids delighted in going swimming after the reception. Of course, it rained as the reception was ending and off and on while the kids were swimming. We kept making them get out and then letting them back in. Finally, we saw lightning and they had to get out.
BFF. :) Aren't we cute?
This was before the swimming started and as the reception was ending. Hot Rod was soaked to the skin, but they were having fun.
Then, they got in the icy cold pool. All of them were shivering when they got out, except Hot Rod. He has a few extra layers to keep him warm. :)


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