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Blogger in absentia

Yeah, Yeah, I know ... I said I'd start blogging more.

I lied.

Sorry about that. I have had a most eventful week. As a freelancer, I have two regular steady gigs that pay me a set amount of money each month that I can count on. The other jobs all fluctuate and can't be depended upon. Some months, I may pick up $2000 in extra gigs, other months it may be only $250. So, my steady jobs are something I depend on.

Well, the writing has been on the wall for a while. One of them - I marked four years writing for them this month - has been cutting staff for the past year. In that time, they reduced from about 18 full-time staff and a dozen freelancers to two editors and three freelance writers. I managed to make the cut each time.

Then, the other shoe fell and I got word that they would be closing shop at the end of this month. And yeah, I got the news on Tuesday. *sigh*

So, I madly started emailing editors asking for more work to supplement this loss in income. Told the school that I'd start subbing more, too. SO, I have three subbing jobs lined up at the end of this month and more assignments than you can shake a laptop at.

On Tuesday when I got the news about the magazine closing, I was devastated and dumbfounded. I was trying not to panic and think logically about the next steps I should take. Then, less than an hour later, I get a call out of the blue asking me if I'd be interested in launching a new online publication in the Dallas area. I would have to cover events and people, but I could still do it all from home without having to set up shop somewhere and make the 8-5 mad commute.

Would I be interested? Uh, yeah. Full-time pay with benefits, too. So, I've been giddy with excitement at the prospect. Today, I have an audition and if I pass, I'll get a one-month provisional hire. If I pass that, then I will be hired.

What a concept to have a regular paycheck and not have to rob Peter to pay Paul. I'll keep you informed. My blog posting couldn't be any less sporadic even if I take on a full-time job. Heck, I might blog more. :)


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