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My brush with greatness

I really do get to do the coolest stuff for my job. I covered the groundbreaking for the Bush Presidential Library at SMU a few weeks back and I was surrounded by greatness. I chatted with former White House communications director Ari Fleischer (here with my laptop!!!). How cool was that? I got to ask him some questions, too. Very cool.
Here is Pres. Bush and the First Lady and former Commerce Secretary Don Evans during the prayer before the event started. It was just so remarkable to be around all these people. Condi Rice and former VP Dick Cheney were also among the speakers. It was so cool. I'm also excited to see that the library will include a foundation that is focused on women's rights. There is a great site with all the information on the initiatives at the official site. But, I was proud of some of the pictures that I was able to take and the coverage.


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